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BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. Facilitated North City District of QingdaoCity and Thousand Oaks, California, US to Become Sister Cities

Published: 2014-12-19 10:12


In the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks On February 27, 2014, with the witness of nearly 200 Chinese and American guests, District Director Zhang Jie of North City District of Qingdao City and the mayor of Thousand Oaks, California, US Andrew Fox signed a cooperation agreement to make the two cities sisters. Politicians from the city, the county and CaliforniaState, Ambassador Zhao from the Chinese Embassy in L.A. and leaders from the local business circle and education sector attended the signing ceremony. Many local mainstream media made special onsite reports about this event.

Thousand Oaks and North City District of Qingdao are on almost on the same latitude. They are important cultural and trading cities on the east and west shore of the Pacific Ocean. Thousand Oaks is rated as one of the ten safest cities in America. Qingdao enjoys the titles of “Ten Livable Chinese Cities” and “China’s MostBeautifulHarbor”. In terms of competitive sports, Qingdao hosted the sailing contest during the 2008 summer Olympics. Thousand Oaks is the major organizer of the largest professional bicycle competition in the US – Amgen Californian Tour. In terms of higher education, CaliforniaLutheranUniversity is in Thousand Oaks. QingdaoTechnologicalUniversity and QingdaoUniversityMedicalCollege locate in North City District. The two cities devote themselves into developing high and new technological industries. The world’s biggest bio-pharmaceutical company Amgen is in Thousand Oaks. Moreover, Thousand Oaks has electronics, automobile, aerospace, telecommunication, medicine and health and other industries. North City District ‘s high and new technology zone has over 30 top 500 bio-technology and aviation companies.

Chairman of BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. Mr. Fu Gang, as the one of the general founders of the sister city project, and core member of the sister city commission, has provided great support to see this event’s successful completion. US Tarcine Biomed Ltd. and US Weitanin Health Pharmacy Co., Ltd., as US subsidiaries of BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd., actively coordinated between government departments of the two cities, and were involved in planning and arranging events. All their work was highly commented and praised by both cities’ governments and the sister cities’ commission. BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. has great business operation in both Thousand Oaks and North City District.

Thousand Oaks and North City District of Qingdao becoming sister cities has the prospective of international cooperation and development. It will promote broad exchanges concerning culture, education, business, travel and others areas between the two cities, in favor of building a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.

This sister cities event has kicked off the friendly visits between the two cities. This international bridge will connect more and more exchanges and cooperation. Let’s build friendship and peace together!