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“Carry Forward The Spirit of Respected Doctors. Resist Unhealthy Practices” Summit Forum

Published: 2014-12-19 10:16


“Advance of Spirit of Respected Doctors and Resistance of Unhealthy Practices”Summit Forum was jointly held by the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the Doctors’ Newspaper in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse on September 23, 2013, with BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd. as the co-organizer. This summit forum was the summary to Doctors’ Paper’s event of “Looking for the Spirit of Respected Doctors’ Writing Competition”. The goal was to look for the spirit of respected doctors in the current society, tell their stories, reflect the current meaning of the “spirit of respected doctors” in this era and carry forward positive energies. The event reported 60 typical models in the medical domain in our country. 60 scholars, famous experts and leaders participated in the evaluation. 60 medical and health organizations and units from all levels were involved in the recommendations. It received wide acclaim from the whole country. On new media such as Baidu, Good Doctors Online and doctoerpda.cn, etc, it had received great reaction from patients. The event has been included as one of the most important campaigns in the annual meeting of Chinese Medical Doctor Association. In addition, it was approved by Li Bin who is the director of National Health and Family Planning Commission.

Leaders attending the summit forum were Cui Li, Vice Director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Zhou Xianzhi, Vice Director of the Health Department of the PLA Logistic Department, Zhang Yanling, President of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and  Vice chairman of the National People’s Congress, etc. Chen Zhu did not attend the forum due to his work, but he sent a video of his speech. Moreover, over 400 “spirit of respected doctors” representatives, comment experts, recommended units’ representatives and article writers from all over the country went to the forum.

During the forum, the award winner of the national highest technical award, president of Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital and Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Institute and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Wu Mengchao, vice president of Nanjing General Hospital of Nanjing Military Command and academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering Li Jieshou and over 60 famous doctors were rated as the representatives of the spirit of respected doctors. With the evaluation committee’s screening and evaluation, 3 articles won the first price of the “Looking for the Spirit of Respected Doctors Writing Competition”, 5 articles won the second place, 10 articles won the third place, and some articles won the excellent award.

BAHEAL Pharmaceutical Holdings Ltd., as the co-organizer of the conference, was highly rated by the forum’s organizers. The group chairman Mr. Fu Gang expressed that he will keep supporting the development of public welfare undertakings, and making positive contributions to the public welfare undertakings.